‘Not only have I gained confidence, I’ve had fun’ by @lynseymarieCYP

A reflection on curating @nursingSUni by student nurse @lynseymarieCYP

Before curating the nursing Twitter account, I was very nervous. I’ve tweeted and had my personal account for a while, and during my first year of the course I created a professional account. I didn’t really know what to tweet. I started off with tweeting about lectures and excitement about placement and other tweets from professionals. Tweeting on the School’s account seemed very daunting to me as there was a large audience, majority professional and I did not want to ‘mess up’ or seem like I did not know what I was doing. Having such a wide audience of active users was the best as it allowed voices to be heard, discussions to be made, learning to be shared.

Working as a trio as well helped me as I felt there was not as much pressure in terms of what to tweet and being on my own. We were able to build on what was said before, a topic that we could continue discussions on and voice questions and thoughts we felt were important and wanted to share with the community, which was particularly helpful during the Safeguarding Workshop we had as it allowed us to share key points/views we felt everyone should be aware of.

Over the week I felt that I had grown in confidence. I enjoyed all the opinions and discussions being shared as it allowed me to learn more and see how social media is an outlet that we can use in a positive way. As well as this it allows professional contacts to grow, updates on new articles and research being released, conferences to be announced among so many other things. I understand the role that it plays in supporting us all and feel this is something that I want to do again at some point in the future.

Not only have I gained confidence, I’ve had fun and been able to participate and help create good discussion (all whilst being able to add something to my CV). I would recommend it to anyone and everyone!

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