Opportunities for developing your skills to enhance your portfolio will be posted on this page so watch this space!

1. Curate the @NursingSUni account! We need volunteers to curate the twitter account for one week at a time. Curating the account will give you experience of tweeting to a wide audience about various issues relating to nursing and health. It will offer different perspectives and develop digital skills. Email nursing-twitter@salford.ac.uk if you are interested.

2. Write a blog! We’re always on the look our for student blogs. If you’ve got something say about nursing, write us a blog of around 500 words and email to nursing-twitter@salford.ac.uk

3. Manage one of our facebook pages. We need students to curate content and promote discussion in all fields of practice. Speak to Wendy Sinclair if you’re interested.

4. Looking for ways to boost your CV? Join the Salford Advantage Award programme http://www.careers.salford.ac.uk/saa

5. Speak to students in learning to learn week. A valuable part of learning to learn week is students hearing from other students about how they managed. It’s a good way to share your experience and also to develop presentation skills. Speak to year leads if you’re interested.

6. Nominate someone for an award (maybe yourself). Nursing Times, Nursing Standard, Cavell Nurses Trust all have student categories.

7. Go to a conference. Lots of free or very low cost conferences around. Look for those run by nursing or midwifery societies.

8. Take part in a twitter chat (or even host one). @WeNurses run regular chats and even have student nights. You could write up a reflection on your learning for your PDP.


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