A winning poem by student nurse @shaunashooe

This poem was penned by student children’s nurse Shauna Gracey. It was her application to volunteer on the Destination Florida trip. Destination Florida is a charity that takes children with chronic or terminal illness to Orlando Florida for the trip of a lifetime. Here at Salford University we are very proud to say that for many years now we have had student nurses volunteer their time & energy on this trip. Lots of students apply to volunteer, but not all get chosen. I think you’ll agree that the creativity and passion in this winning application shines through 🙂

A dream is a wish your heart makes, 
Destination Florida is what it takes, 
for magic, sunshine and laughter in the sun, 
for children and their famillies to have some fun!

A little about me, you should know, For Florida is the place I love to go!
A carer at heart, a student today, for me this opportunity is perfect I say.

Why do I want to go you ask? To help and care for others-such a worthy task!
To experience the trip that will change their lives, hopefully all round I shall be giving high fives!

I want to care for the children-their families too, 
to learn about their conditions-to name but a few. 
To take away the pain that illness’ can bring, 
I’ll laugh and joke and even sing!

As a student its vital to remember the 6 C’s, 
for this ensures that I am the bee’s knees! 
Caring, courageous and competent today, 
committed, compassionate & communication I say! 
Hardworking, patient and a listener-that’s me! 
a trier, a doer  the best I can be.

Volunteer of the year for young people in the past, 
a good reputation that appears to have last! 
high achiever, believer that nursing’s the way, 
to change children’s lives even just for one day. 
To form therapeutic relationships to make a change 
to work with children from a different age range!

A niece, a nephew the apple of my eye, 
they’ve changed my life-I simply cannot lie! 
the love and care I always show, 
for me as a person they’ve helped me grow.

I hope to enlighten the lives of everyone on the trip, 
to reduce the load that parents often grip, 
to be a part of a team-there best there can be 
I really hope you choose to pick me!

I understand the struggle that illness’ can bring, 
the devastating effects-such a horrible thing. 
I’ve worked on wards, the community too 
my experience is expanding-it’s definitely grew!

In placement I’ve enjoyed the daily contact, 
the anatomy & physiology-such an interesting fact! 
It’s finally time to put my practice into place, 
the daily conditions that I’ve had to face.

Not only a believer that being a nurse is the best, 
for me academically I’ve passed the test, 
A first in my grades I’ve achieved so far, 
a standard I’ve set to raise the bar!

I hope to experience the life that children and families face, 
such an honourable role and such a fast pace, 
to hopefully make a difference and bring a smile, 
to help these children id run a mile!

Raising money for children, I’ve done before, 
the great north run in September-hard work galore! 
Tommy’s charity I’ve fundraised for-a worthy cause, 
for premature babies to open some doors!  
For me a charity, close to my heart, 
for I was premature which sets me apart! 
2lb 4 and 27 weeks born, 
for the parents I cherish they were torn! 
Its paved the journey I am on today, 
as I want to make a difference and am here to say, 
ive worked so hard to be where I am, 
the knowledge and work I’ve had to cram.

So please consider me, for the trip of a life, 
to make a difference today for my age im still rife! 
to choose me today, you won’t regret, 
the journeys ahead, get ready, set! 
I hope you take into account the hard work I have done, 
to write a poem for me has been such great fun, 
so Shauna Gracey- please consider me this time 
as its been challenging and hard to make everything rhyme!

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