About this site

Welcome to Nursing at The University of Salford

This blog site is for pre-registration student nurses studying at The University of Salford. The blog will support the University of Salford Nursing Twitter account @nursingSUniIt is primarily curated by nursing academic staff in collaboration with student nurses. The site will support the professional use of social media to enhance teaching and learning in nursing theory and practice.

Each week, the Twitter account curator will lead and co-ordinate discussions on Twitter relating to nursing and health. They will also highlight and discuss current health and nursing issues in the media. A summary of the weekly discussions will be posted on this blog.

If you have something to say, and would like to post it on this blog site, send us approximately 500 words (Nursing-Twitter@salford.ac.uk) and if its appropriate we’ll post it on this site. Your writing should be related to nursing and health in some way and be of interest to other student nurses.

Details of opportunities for developing and enhancing your skills will also be posted on this site, so keep an eye on this!

If you would like to contribute to this site or to be a weekly Twitter account curator, you can contact us via email: nursing-twitter@salford.ac.uk or of course you can tweet @nursingSUni

We look forward to tweeting with you

Wendy, Moira and Neil

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