‘Nice to tweet you’ by @narnill

‘Nice to tweet you’ by Student Nurse Nicola Arnill

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In October 2014, I was new to Twitter and all things nursing. My Sociology tutor had mentioned Twitter’s advantages for student nurses. I wasn’t convinced. I thought Twitter was for following the lives of celebrities, but I wanted to be the best nurse I can be, and if my trusted tutor said Twitter helps with that, who was I to argue?

It’s October 2015 and I am connecting with other healthcare professionals (including students), hearing service-user voice and acquiring knowledge about services, policies and research informing evidence-based practice. I am still learning ways to benefit from social media in a professional sense, but do we ever stop learning?

Our neighbours came to talk to us about using social media (#SoMe) professionally and fortunately for me I was presented with an opportunity to curate the Salford University’s Nursing School Twitter account. After a year of intermittent use of Twitter, my voice was to be truly heard. And what better way to use this opportunity than to reach out to my colleagues and encourage them to realise the advantages Twitter can have on our nursing knowledge, and contacts, and thus on the children and young people we will be working with, and their families, of course.

My goal was to reach out to students and enlighten them to the potential to share learning and experiences; and build a support network with other nursing students, particularly those sharing a similar placement circuit.  There is a strong likelihood that neighbouring students will be our colleagues in future and communication now could enhance our experience and the healthcare we provide when we are qualified nurses.

I felt anxious about how receptive my colleagues would be and decided to communicate with them via Facebook as they are more familiar with this platform. I shared with them some rationale for joining Twitter and signposted them to ‘Twitterversity’ guidance on using Twitter as healthcare professionals. I offered my support for anyone who wanted to join Twitter but had difficulty navigating, or had little confidence using, the site. I also posted to the 2015 cohort page, not only to include them in sharing and connecting with one another, but also because I feel that there would be a greater interest in Twitter if this was more heavily discussed at the start of the student-nursing journey.

Throughout my week curating, colleagues caught me between lectures, or in seminars, and said they were following but were not sure how to get involved. This felt like a small victory! There were people talking to me who I had never previously engaged in conversation with. I encouraged them to engage by simply ‘favouriting’ or ‘retweeting’ posts that they agree with; and gave details of Nurchat and WeNurses chats. I did not see many of my colleagues engage with these chats on Twitter, but again was approached and informed they had been following. My colleagues were keen, but lacking in confidence using Twitter; which is something I hope my school will address.

I have grown in confidence utilising Twitter and I believe I will continue to benefit from my professional online presence throughout my career; through networking, learning, sharing and reflection. My time curating has introduced me to people who I can seek advice and support from; through followers on Twitter and through my engagement with colleagues in university.

Thank you, Salford, for affording me this incredible opportunity. I hope this is the start of something special. Nice to tweet you.

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Nursing and Podiatry….welcoming @veronicaann20 to @nursingSUni

This week we are delighted to have Veronica Newton @veronicaann20 curating our nursing twitter account @nursingSUni. Veronica has recently joined The University of Salford as a Lecturer in Podiatry. Not only is she very interested in using social media to support her teaching, she is really hoping to work more closely with other healthcare professions. This in tandem with our plans to develop the @nursingSUni account has resulted in Veronica volunteering her time and energy to curating the account this week. We know the Twitter nurse community will give her a warm welcome but we also hope that we can share learning and connections too. There’s a lot for nursing and podiatry to learn from each other and this is an ideal opportunity to ask questions and build networks so we hope you will give her a follow and join the discussions.

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We’re trying something new here at @nursingSUni…connecting with our neighbours

We’ve been running @nursingSUni as a partnership account between staff and students since January 2014. We think you’ll agree that it’s been a success, but not wanting to sit still for too long, we thought we’d try something new…

A few weeks ago @wlasinclair and @levylass were invited to our neighbours at the University of Manchester to talk about social media in nurse education. We spoke to a group of CYP student nurses who share a similar placement circuit as our own students and will go on to be employed in the same clinical areas. We thought it would be a great idea for Salford and Manchester students to be better connected in the hope of building networks and cohesive teams for the future. We were very pleased to hear that student nurses in Manchester already followed our account and that they loved the idea of co-curation. They are even in the process of setting up their own similar account. Therefore we have invited University of Manchester student children’s nurse Nicola Arnill @narnill to curate @nursingSUni next week. We hope that by connecting student nurses in this way, it will create a local network of student nurses who can share their learning and experiences.

We hope you will welcome Nicola @narnill as our guest curator next week from Monday 19th October 2015 🙂

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A great way to end my 2nd year… To curate @nursingSUni

What can I say, what a brilliant way to end my 2nd year, to curate for my second time our @nursingSUni account. I had a fantastic week, thank you all for making it so enjoyable.

During my week I felt originally overwhelmed, but it’s funny that once you get started everything seems to roll in nicely and the support is literally right there.

I am sitting here having a little giggle to myself, I never know exactly how i am doing so every now and then i’d message one of the lectures on twitter who support students who curate and would ask them if I was doing okay, to my reply ‘it’s very quiet where is everyone’; It felt at times I would be bombarding tweets out  and I wanted my week curating to be interesting and fun!

One evening I sat there and thought I know, I’ll organise for a discussion to take place so here goes, I kept thinking to myself ‘please go okay’. I tweeted; ‘discussion 21/8/15 ‘what/who inspired you to train to be a nurse?’ replies started to come in… To my excitement, Plymouth University replied and we jointly took part in a chat on the 21st August 2015 at lunch time. During the rest of the week I took part in #NurChat on nurse well-being and 12 hour shifts; #NursesActive and helped some new students to be pointed in the right direction who were due to start University #Sept15 / #Welcome15.

Thank you all for giving me the opportunity again to curate @nursingSUni and a massive hello/wave and welcome to our new cohort, #Sept15.

#tipsfornewstudentnurses – I have two tips for our new students – 1 week into my 3rd year is to… #welcome15

1st) ‘never be afraid to ask for help’…. And

2nd), as a first year trying to grasp manual blood pressure I can honestly say it was semester 3 year 1 at the end of my 10 week placement that I could screammmm ‘I can now do it’…. At first I felt ‘silly’ in clinical skills, It personally at times felt like I was the only person who couldn’t get the idea of the ‘different sounds’ but REMEMBER we all learn at different paces and ways!! Remember that 😉 Compare to learn, don’t compare to be harsh on yourself.

BEST OF LUCK EVERYBODY and a massive welcome to all new starters @NursingSUni.

…Nothing can dim the light that shines from within, Maya Angelou

My week curating @nursingSUni by @Lizlivvi

When I offered to curate, Twitter was new

However in September, university was too

So excited by the chance, I gave it a go

Initially nervous but went with the flow.

The welcome I got made me smile all day

Advice was shared, supported all the way

I was connecting with professionals and peers,

Confidence came, away went the fears

My tweets reached an audience so varied and great

It was a privilege to do, an opportunity I’d rate

I learnt so much, made connections, had fun

And as a mum fit it round the school run!

I certainly recommend curating to all

I grew on Twitter, I felt so tall

Communicating on such a grand scale

You can only succeed… create your tale

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A week in charge of Twitter by @amieemhxx

A Week in Charge of Twitter By Amiee Hogg (Yr 1 Student Nurse)

I was a little nervous about agreeing to take control of the University Twitter account. I have followed the account since I got my offer last year and I have seen how it has been managed by past students. I felt like I had a lot to live up to and this is what made me feel a little nervous about taking the reins. I was apprehensive about being in control knowing that the university has so many connections with healthcare professionals on twitter. I kept worrying about messing up or saying something that I shouldn’t say. Turns out I shouldn’t have been worried at all. The first tweet I sent out simply stated that it was a week of “firsts” for me and that this was my first tweet for the university. From that point, things seemed to flow. I got involved with chats and tried to engage with other twitter users whilst thinking about different information which I could tweet which would be of interest to those in twitter land.

The thing I most enjoyed about my week on twitter was taking part in the twitter chats. There are so many thoughts, theories and opinions out there and I felt like I learnt a lot. After I had finished one of the WeNurses chats I sat back and read through the evening’s discussion. There were some really interesting points of view and reasons for different approaches to care. I had never thought that twitter could be used as a learning tool. It is not just a social media outlet. It is a place where people care learn from each other, share ideas, develop and most importantly connect with like-minded people.

I tried to engage with users as much as possible and I tried to add a little humour to some of the posts. After all, you have to have a little bit of humour to be a student nurse.

All in all I really enjoyed my week and I would encourage anyone to get involved with taking control of the University’s twitter account. Don’t be afraid to get involved. There is a whole new way of learning out there and a massive support network which you can connect with.

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My week curating, enhancing my leadership skills

by Heather Faulkner, @Heatherberry79


When I first offered to curate for the account, I was very new to Twitter. I had little idea of what to expect, little belief in myself, however, I like to jump into challenges and knowing that communication is a strength of mine, I thought I’d have a go. I booked a date weeks in advance, however, it creeped upon me so fast and before I knew it, it was the Sunday before! To be honest, at first, I did wonder if this was the right choice for me, being at such a crucial time in my course, nearing the end of my final year. However, I don’t like to let anybody down, so I continued as promised. I didn’t know if I would be able to keep up, as I am slow typing on my phone for tweets on the go!

At first, I must say that I found it a little scary! As mentioned, I don’t like to let anybody down which added to the pressure, as I wanted to try to make a good job of it, in the only ways I knew how. Consequently, at the beginning, keeping up with the tweets, whilst trying to retweet interesting tweets for followers to read was a challenge! I was a little overwhelmed, and thought about handing the responsibility back to Neil, Moira and Wendy. However, I managed to fit everything in which needed to be done on the first day (I was already very busy with other things) and after the @wenurses talk about dying, I started to enjoy curating!

It was really nice to have the audience and by midway through, I was hooked! Chatting to people I didn’t know, really built my confidence, even if it was only in a digital realm and even now, a few weeks later, my confidence is still uplifted. I’ve learned how to use Twitter better and it has helped me to manage my own account too.

I’ve also had the opportunity to speak to some lovely and fabulous people that I have things in common with whom I wouldn’t otherwise have met. There have been some interactions which I’ve cherished, and even a few giggles along the way. One of the highlights for me was speaking to a person who has overcome depression. This is close to my heart, being a chronic sufferer myself for over 20 years. On a personal level, it’s always inspiring to speak to somebody who has managed to overcome the illness.

By the time the weekend came, things slowed down a lot, which did free me up a little, but also made me sad, as it was coming to the end. It certainly has been emotional and I didn’t want to stop! Receiving the positive feedback regarding my curating was lovely. Being told that I was a good professional tweeter and how I was a natural were particular compliments for me.

If any student was thinking about having a go curating, straight away, I would say to go for it. It will build your confidence, your connections and increase your debating and critical thinking skills. It is also enhances your leadership skills which are particularly important for year 3 students.

Thank you for the opportunity and the time!


My week on twitter

Megan Kumeta – @MeganKumeta

(Adult Nursing – March 2015 intake)

April 20-27 2015

When I first heard you could participate in the curating of Salford’s student nursing account, it was my first ever day at university.  An hour before this I stood on my own outside the main hall on Peel campus.  As I stared at the steps, I had one of those cheesy epiphanies and thought, ‘this first step is the first step to the rest of my life’.  I also thought of all the millions of students who had maybe looked at those steps as I did, and had those same thoughts as I did, ‘this is the beginning of something big’.


So fast forward an hour, and yes, I could curate the student nursing account if I wished.  My first thought, ‘I wont have time for that!’ my second thought, ‘no, just keep your head down and get on with the work you will no doubt be given’. My third thought (yes my third thought), ‘But it would look great on my CV, definite brownie points!’  And with that, I registered it to the part of my brain reserved for “remember that for later”.


So yes, in all honesty, my final thought was that it would be great for my CV in three years time.  Three. Years. Time.  Not the most rational of thought but hey, that is why I am at university now.   So I booked on and was given the date.


My first day was a bit overwhelming.  For my own twitter account, I have an over-reactive ‘block’ finger.  I do not want Jim-Bob Smith, harmonica extraordinaire from Timbucktwo, USA following my carefully chosen thoughts, feelings, and interests.  Because of this, I have about 300 followers.  The Nursing Students page has nearly 4000 followers!  This was a shock to my system, and trying to weave through hundreds of posts was definitely a learning experience.  I decided to not put any pressure on myself.  Look at what you can, tweet what you can, learn what you can.


By the end of day two I was in the swing of things. I could distinguish good bits of information from the not so good, and I was beginning to open up and ask questions of my audience.  Not many replied.  I think of the whole experience that was the biggest struggle, getting the wider audience, outside university, to engage.  Re-tweeting of the posts were plentiful, but not an engaged conversation.  This is something I will try to encourage next time I curate.


Yes I said, ‘next time I curate’. By the end of the week, I did not want it to come to a finish.  I made some fantastic connections with Salford Nursing Society, WeNurses, NurChat, and fellow students and colleagues from Salford University.  I felt like I was part of a team, a family, and a community.  Florence Nightingale said that “happiness is the gradual realization of a worthy ideal or goal”, and that is exactly how I felt.  No longer did I feel like curating for an impressive CV, I wanted to do it to feel part of a group who wants to deliver the best ideas, and the best tips, for promoting a better client journey.  I wanted to share in this information because I want to know the best ideas and the best tips, for being the best student nurse, and ultimately registered nurse, I can be for the benefit of my future clients.

I would recommend this fantastic experience to everyone.  Approach it with an open mind, and willingness to learn something new.  Engage in it to make you think what kind of nurse you want to be.  I cannot wait to curate again!

“We don’t know what we are capable of until we try”

Nicole Carter (@poppynicole1

When I started my course in Adult nursing I never for a minute thought that I would be asked to curate the Salford University Nursing account (@nursingSUni). I follow the nursing account and truth be known, look up to the other students who have previously curated with inspiration, professionalism and in my opinion bravery. I see people who have curated quite knowledgeable and did not think I was capable of this.

It was first mentioned during my Safeguarding module and Moira created #SVGSe13 for our group to post materials to, in relation to the course and I did find this very useful. I found myself reading and learning at times of the day and evening when it would never have occurred to me to pick up a book. It made learning fun and I can confidently say other students and myself found this beneficial to our learning.

In the same way I found Moira’s module, the Nursing account in a similar respect does the same thing. It is fun to follow, fun to read, a real great way to interact and learn, keeps you up to date with materials relevant to nursing and as I felt myself grow on the course, I found myself taking part in chats and discussions that I never would of thought I was capable of. The support from lecturers and other peers is a real lovely thing!

The day before I was due to curate the account, I knew it was important to me as I was up and down through the night worrying about how I would do. On the 12th February I took part in a #wenurses chat about ‘from evidence to practice’ http://www.wecommunities.org/tweet-chats/chat-details/369 and to me I feel this is a real achievement I will never forget.

Curating the nursing account has been a real privilege and is something, if welcomed back, I hope to do in the future. It was exciting and challenging in a positive way but I learnt so much, I felt the responsibility and commitment to me was big and I did want it to be interesting for other users who follow.

For anyone interested or has “hummed and hawed” about curating, go for it, the support is top class, you will find it a real achievement and fun, you will learn and if you feel, oh maybe in a few months, I can’t do it. Go for it…. We don’t know what we are capable off until we try.

Best of luck nursing students for the rest of the term and a big welcome to the our March 15 intake.

Curating for the second time

Hi, I’m Twitter user @LisaxDx2072 and have literally just completed my CYP degree (so a BIG hello to March 2015 students). I have curated the @nursingSUni Twitter account back in November 2014 and thought curating it again would be a nice way to finish. This time, because it was the final week for March 2012 students I co-curated with one of the lecturers which worked well.


During my first time curating I was quite apprehensive as I wasn’t sure what to expect but this time I was really looking forward to it. Last time I was a serial re-tweeter however this time I had the confidence to post items myself. I found out about a couple of National and International days and posted information on those as well as asking questions, for example suggestions and strategies for new nurses.


Curating the @nursingSUni twitter account also gave me the confidence to start writing my own blog about the transition from student nurse to newly qualified nurse. If you are looking for a new skill or something different to add to your CV I would definitely recommend having a go at curating the @nursingSUni twitter account. I made reference to curating the account in my personal profile when applying for jobs and during my interview and I’m sure it helped to make me stand out. There is lots of support available from staff and students if you need it and it’s a great way to connect with professionals you may not ordinarily get the opportunity to. It’s also a good way to get involved in raising the profile of the School; particularly the pre-registration Nursing programmes.