Reflection on curating @nursingSUni by Emilie

Week beginning 9/10/17 @EmiliePrattSTN

I have used twitter for a while, but have only recently set up an account specifically for my student nursing journey. I created one because I wanted to collect followers especially of fellow students/nurses/PEFs/HCAs to discuss issues with and support each other using this form of social media. Having recently joined a Facebook group ‘Student Nurse Journeys & Beyond’, I have discovered the power of social media to get advice and feel like you are not quite as alone as you think you might be. I was a bit apprehensive to curate as I wasn’t sure what topics to cover or whether to pick a specific theme. The start of my week fell on National Mental Health day so this was a good opportunity to ask other tweeters their opinions on dual nursing training, as I am particularly interested in the psychological aspect of nursing. I also took the opportunity to join the @WeNurses chat on 12/10/17, which focused on resilience. This theme tied in quite nicely with mental health so I was happy to get involved and share my thoughts. I enjoyed being a contributor to and a part of the chat as I find it useful to get others opinions and thoughts. It also got me thinking more about what does resilience mean to me and if nurses are expected to behave in a certain way. I enjoyed hearing from other students and how their placements were going so I took the opportunity to ask followers what their favourite placement was, as I had found the ones you are apprehensive about can often turn out to be amazing. To add a bit of fun I also asked what were followers favourite patient jokes they have heard a million times, it gave me a few laughs to hear others stories!

Overall, I really did enjoy my time curating the account and it has helped me gain confidence and believe that my opinions are important too. It also showed me that we are all so well supported, by University staff, other students, the practice education facilitators (PEFs) and mentors, on this student nursing journey.

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