Sharing research through social media: the peripheral venous catheters story from Cochrane UK

#whywedoresearch how to disseminate good evidence to enhance practice via the medium of a Tweetchat with experts in the field and practitioners in the field

The HARTS ... of the possible


By Sarah Chapman

Knowledge Broker at Cochrane UK


Earlier this year, a group from the HARTSofthepossible team met here in Oxford to reflect on our progress and to plan what was needed next. We came up with a Rainbow Prism Model to show the three areas of our work: sharing research through social media; using social media for research and innovation; and research about how social media works. At the centre of all of these is the need to demonstrate impact. You can read more in this blog

This post follows the template we set out during that meeting:

Screenshot 2017-05-16 18.53.13

We agreed we would start with what we know, by sharing and learning from some past examples of doing each of these things. So I’m starting with an example of sharing research through social media, from Cochrane UK.

Brief synopsis

We used social media to share a newly updated Cochrane…

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