My week curating @nursingSUni by @stu_vichowson

My week curating @nursingSUni by Student Nurse Victoria Howson Screen Shot 2016-05-20 at 13.10.46I have used Twitter for a few years personally, but never really used used it to contect with people other than my family or close friends. When I started my Nursing degree in September 2014, I remember my Fitness to Practice lecture and how to use social media professionally and I also remember the lecturer telling us about how Twitter is a good way to connect with other professionals in the Nursing world and other health care professionals. It was after this lecture that I created my student Twitter account @stu_vichowson and I haven’t turned back since!

Twitter is such an excellent way to connect with other students and lecturers that help provide support to you throughout your training and then onto your career. There are also a number of professionals in the Twitter world that can provide you with support and useful information that can help you with your career. @WeNurses encourage you to interact and get involved in their live chats which are a brilliant way to learn and build up your confidence with Twitter and they make you feel part of a big Nursing family. I unfortunately missed the majority of the @WeNurses chat during my week as I had my head stuck in books and journal articles revising for my upcoming OSCE, but even though I do have my assessment fast approaching I felt very well supported during my time curating by the lovely lecturers behind the @nursingSUni Twitter account.

I would definitely recommend other students to get involved and help out curating the account as it has definitely improved my confidence with using Twitter professionally. Anyone who is a bit nervous or new to Twitter should definitely give it a go as there is an excellent support network!

I will definitely be back and tweeting from the account again hopefully soon! I’ve now made it one of my PDP goals!

Thanks for everything!

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