We’re trying something new here @NursingSUni ….again and connecting with our Midwifery students

We have been running @NursingSUni here in the School of Nursing, Midwifery, Social Work & Social Sciences since January 2014 and it has predominantly been about enhancing the student experience. Recently a twitter exchange took place where a student saw the tweet we sent out from this account asking “any @SalfordUni staff or students want to develop your twitter skills? curate this account for 1 week and we’ll guide & support you;-)”. We do this on a regular basis and sometimes we are overwhelmed by the responses and can usually plan a rota of curation a month or two in advance. At other times you can think of the image of tumbleweeds, and there fewer responses. But that’s life and usually, Wendy, Neil and myself are able to take the reins so that we maintain and sustain the relationships we have made with our followers.

But this time Georgia Allan, @rai_allan an undergraduate midwifery student decided to respond and tweet that she would be interested in doing this. Wendy and I both replied almost immediately and asked her when she would like to take charge. That’s the beauty of this account, we are always waiting in the wings to ensure there is a fairly quick response to students or others who tweet us. I don’t think either of us expected her to say next week, ie the week commencing Monday 28th March 2016 but she did and she will be taking the reins for the whole week. Learning and sharing with established and new followers of the account. We welcome this venture with midwifery colleagues and of course midwifery students, as there are always new ways of learning and working together across other fields of practice that we can embrace.

Please offer her your support and encouragement @levylass

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