Nursing and Podiatry….welcoming @veronicaann20 to @nursingSUni

This week we are delighted to have Veronica Newton @veronicaann20 curating our nursing twitter account @nursingSUni. Veronica has recently joined The University of Salford as a Lecturer in Podiatry. Not only is she very interested in using social media to support her teaching, she is really hoping to work more closely with other healthcare professions. This in tandem with our plans to develop the @nursingSUni account has resulted in Veronica volunteering her time and energy to curating the account this week. We know the Twitter nurse community will give her a warm welcome but we also hope that we can share learning and connections too. There’s a lot for nursing and podiatry to learn from each other and this is an ideal opportunity to ask questions and build networks so we hope you will give her a follow and join the discussions.

Screenshot 2015-10-26 at 06.41.50

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