We’re trying something new here at @nursingSUni…connecting with our neighbours

We’ve been running @nursingSUni as a partnership account between staff and students since January 2014. We think you’ll agree that it’s been a success, but not wanting to sit still for too long, we thought we’d try something new…

A few weeks ago @wlasinclair and @levylass were invited to our neighbours at the University of Manchester to talk about social media in nurse education. We spoke to a group of CYP student nurses who share a similar placement circuit as our own students and will go on to be employed in the same clinical areas. We thought it would be a great idea for Salford and Manchester students to be better connected in the hope of building networks and cohesive teams for the future. We were very pleased to hear that student nurses in Manchester already followed our account and that they loved the idea of co-curation. They are even in the process of setting up their own similar account. Therefore we have invited University of Manchester student children’s nurse Nicola Arnill @narnill to curate @nursingSUni next week. We hope that by connecting student nurses in this way, it will create a local network of student nurses who can share their learning and experiences.

We hope you will welcome Nicola @narnill as our guest curator next week from Monday 19th October 2015 🙂

Screenshot 2015-10-16 at 14.34.17

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