A great way to end my 2nd year… To curate @nursingSUni

What can I say, what a brilliant way to end my 2nd year, to curate for my second time our @nursingSUni account. I had a fantastic week, thank you all for making it so enjoyable.

During my week I felt originally overwhelmed, but it’s funny that once you get started everything seems to roll in nicely and the support is literally right there.

I am sitting here having a little giggle to myself, I never know exactly how i am doing so every now and then i’d message one of the lectures on twitter who support students who curate and would ask them if I was doing okay, to my reply ‘it’s very quiet where is everyone’; It felt at times I would be bombarding tweets out  and I wanted my week curating to be interesting and fun!

One evening I sat there and thought I know, I’ll organise for a discussion to take place so here goes, I kept thinking to myself ‘please go okay’. I tweeted; ‘discussion 21/8/15 ‘what/who inspired you to train to be a nurse?’ replies started to come in… To my excitement, Plymouth University replied and we jointly took part in a chat on the 21st August 2015 at lunch time. During the rest of the week I took part in #NurChat on nurse well-being and 12 hour shifts; #NursesActive and helped some new students to be pointed in the right direction who were due to start University #Sept15 / #Welcome15.

Thank you all for giving me the opportunity again to curate @nursingSUni and a massive hello/wave and welcome to our new cohort, #Sept15.

#tipsfornewstudentnurses – I have two tips for our new students – 1 week into my 3rd year is to… #welcome15

1st) ‘never be afraid to ask for help’…. And

2nd), as a first year trying to grasp manual blood pressure I can honestly say it was semester 3 year 1 at the end of my 10 week placement that I could screammmm ‘I can now do it’…. At first I felt ‘silly’ in clinical skills, It personally at times felt like I was the only person who couldn’t get the idea of the ‘different sounds’ but REMEMBER we all learn at different paces and ways!! Remember that 😉 Compare to learn, don’t compare to be harsh on yourself.

BEST OF LUCK EVERYBODY and a massive welcome to all new starters @NursingSUni.

…Nothing can dim the light that shines from within, Maya Angelou

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