A week in charge of Twitter by @amieemhxx

A Week in Charge of Twitter By Amiee Hogg (Yr 1 Student Nurse)

I was a little nervous about agreeing to take control of the University Twitter account. I have followed the account since I got my offer last year and I have seen how it has been managed by past students. I felt like I had a lot to live up to and this is what made me feel a little nervous about taking the reins. I was apprehensive about being in control knowing that the university has so many connections with healthcare professionals on twitter. I kept worrying about messing up or saying something that I shouldn’t say. Turns out I shouldn’t have been worried at all. The first tweet I sent out simply stated that it was a week of “firsts” for me and that this was my first tweet for the university. From that point, things seemed to flow. I got involved with chats and tried to engage with other twitter users whilst thinking about different information which I could tweet which would be of interest to those in twitter land.

The thing I most enjoyed about my week on twitter was taking part in the twitter chats. There are so many thoughts, theories and opinions out there and I felt like I learnt a lot. After I had finished one of the WeNurses chats I sat back and read through the evening’s discussion. There were some really interesting points of view and reasons for different approaches to care. I had never thought that twitter could be used as a learning tool. It is not just a social media outlet. It is a place where people care learn from each other, share ideas, develop and most importantly connect with like-minded people.

I tried to engage with users as much as possible and I tried to add a little humour to some of the posts. After all, you have to have a little bit of humour to be a student nurse.

All in all I really enjoyed my week and I would encourage anyone to get involved with taking control of the University’s twitter account. Don’t be afraid to get involved. There is a whole new way of learning out there and a massive support network which you can connect with.

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