My week curating, enhancing my leadership skills

by Heather Faulkner, @Heatherberry79


When I first offered to curate for the account, I was very new to Twitter. I had little idea of what to expect, little belief in myself, however, I like to jump into challenges and knowing that communication is a strength of mine, I thought I’d have a go. I booked a date weeks in advance, however, it creeped upon me so fast and before I knew it, it was the Sunday before! To be honest, at first, I did wonder if this was the right choice for me, being at such a crucial time in my course, nearing the end of my final year. However, I don’t like to let anybody down, so I continued as promised. I didn’t know if I would be able to keep up, as I am slow typing on my phone for tweets on the go!

At first, I must say that I found it a little scary! As mentioned, I don’t like to let anybody down which added to the pressure, as I wanted to try to make a good job of it, in the only ways I knew how. Consequently, at the beginning, keeping up with the tweets, whilst trying to retweet interesting tweets for followers to read was a challenge! I was a little overwhelmed, and thought about handing the responsibility back to Neil, Moira and Wendy. However, I managed to fit everything in which needed to be done on the first day (I was already very busy with other things) and after the @wenurses talk about dying, I started to enjoy curating!

It was really nice to have the audience and by midway through, I was hooked! Chatting to people I didn’t know, really built my confidence, even if it was only in a digital realm and even now, a few weeks later, my confidence is still uplifted. I’ve learned how to use Twitter better and it has helped me to manage my own account too.

I’ve also had the opportunity to speak to some lovely and fabulous people that I have things in common with whom I wouldn’t otherwise have met. There have been some interactions which I’ve cherished, and even a few giggles along the way. One of the highlights for me was speaking to a person who has overcome depression. This is close to my heart, being a chronic sufferer myself for over 20 years. On a personal level, it’s always inspiring to speak to somebody who has managed to overcome the illness.

By the time the weekend came, things slowed down a lot, which did free me up a little, but also made me sad, as it was coming to the end. It certainly has been emotional and I didn’t want to stop! Receiving the positive feedback regarding my curating was lovely. Being told that I was a good professional tweeter and how I was a natural were particular compliments for me.

If any student was thinking about having a go curating, straight away, I would say to go for it. It will build your confidence, your connections and increase your debating and critical thinking skills. It is also enhances your leadership skills which are particularly important for year 3 students.

Thank you for the opportunity and the time!


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