My week on twitter

Megan Kumeta – @MeganKumeta

(Adult Nursing – March 2015 intake)

April 20-27 2015

When I first heard you could participate in the curating of Salford’s student nursing account, it was my first ever day at university.  An hour before this I stood on my own outside the main hall on Peel campus.  As I stared at the steps, I had one of those cheesy epiphanies and thought, ‘this first step is the first step to the rest of my life’.  I also thought of all the millions of students who had maybe looked at those steps as I did, and had those same thoughts as I did, ‘this is the beginning of something big’.


So fast forward an hour, and yes, I could curate the student nursing account if I wished.  My first thought, ‘I wont have time for that!’ my second thought, ‘no, just keep your head down and get on with the work you will no doubt be given’. My third thought (yes my third thought), ‘But it would look great on my CV, definite brownie points!’  And with that, I registered it to the part of my brain reserved for “remember that for later”.


So yes, in all honesty, my final thought was that it would be great for my CV in three years time.  Three. Years. Time.  Not the most rational of thought but hey, that is why I am at university now.   So I booked on and was given the date.


My first day was a bit overwhelming.  For my own twitter account, I have an over-reactive ‘block’ finger.  I do not want Jim-Bob Smith, harmonica extraordinaire from Timbucktwo, USA following my carefully chosen thoughts, feelings, and interests.  Because of this, I have about 300 followers.  The Nursing Students page has nearly 4000 followers!  This was a shock to my system, and trying to weave through hundreds of posts was definitely a learning experience.  I decided to not put any pressure on myself.  Look at what you can, tweet what you can, learn what you can.


By the end of day two I was in the swing of things. I could distinguish good bits of information from the not so good, and I was beginning to open up and ask questions of my audience.  Not many replied.  I think of the whole experience that was the biggest struggle, getting the wider audience, outside university, to engage.  Re-tweeting of the posts were plentiful, but not an engaged conversation.  This is something I will try to encourage next time I curate.


Yes I said, ‘next time I curate’. By the end of the week, I did not want it to come to a finish.  I made some fantastic connections with Salford Nursing Society, WeNurses, NurChat, and fellow students and colleagues from Salford University.  I felt like I was part of a team, a family, and a community.  Florence Nightingale said that “happiness is the gradual realization of a worthy ideal or goal”, and that is exactly how I felt.  No longer did I feel like curating for an impressive CV, I wanted to do it to feel part of a group who wants to deliver the best ideas, and the best tips, for promoting a better client journey.  I wanted to share in this information because I want to know the best ideas and the best tips, for being the best student nurse, and ultimately registered nurse, I can be for the benefit of my future clients.

I would recommend this fantastic experience to everyone.  Approach it with an open mind, and willingness to learn something new.  Engage in it to make you think what kind of nurse you want to be.  I cannot wait to curate again!


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