“We don’t know what we are capable of until we try”

Nicole Carter (@poppynicole1

When I started my course in Adult nursing I never for a minute thought that I would be asked to curate the Salford University Nursing account (@nursingSUni). I follow the nursing account and truth be known, look up to the other students who have previously curated with inspiration, professionalism and in my opinion bravery. I see people who have curated quite knowledgeable and did not think I was capable of this.

It was first mentioned during my Safeguarding module and Moira created #SVGSe13 for our group to post materials to, in relation to the course and I did find this very useful. I found myself reading and learning at times of the day and evening when it would never have occurred to me to pick up a book. It made learning fun and I can confidently say other students and myself found this beneficial to our learning.

In the same way I found Moira’s module, the Nursing account in a similar respect does the same thing. It is fun to follow, fun to read, a real great way to interact and learn, keeps you up to date with materials relevant to nursing and as I felt myself grow on the course, I found myself taking part in chats and discussions that I never would of thought I was capable of. The support from lecturers and other peers is a real lovely thing!

The day before I was due to curate the account, I knew it was important to me as I was up and down through the night worrying about how I would do. On the 12th February I took part in a #wenurses chat about ‘from evidence to practice’ http://www.wecommunities.org/tweet-chats/chat-details/369 and to me I feel this is a real achievement I will never forget.

Curating the nursing account has been a real privilege and is something, if welcomed back, I hope to do in the future. It was exciting and challenging in a positive way but I learnt so much, I felt the responsibility and commitment to me was big and I did want it to be interesting for other users who follow.

For anyone interested or has “hummed and hawed” about curating, go for it, the support is top class, you will find it a real achievement and fun, you will learn and if you feel, oh maybe in a few months, I can’t do it. Go for it…. We don’t know what we are capable off until we try.

Best of luck nursing students for the rest of the term and a big welcome to the our March 15 intake.


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