Curating for the second time

Hi, I’m Twitter user @LisaxDx2072 and have literally just completed my CYP degree (so a BIG hello to March 2015 students). I have curated the @nursingSUni Twitter account back in November 2014 and thought curating it again would be a nice way to finish. This time, because it was the final week for March 2012 students I co-curated with one of the lecturers which worked well.


During my first time curating I was quite apprehensive as I wasn’t sure what to expect but this time I was really looking forward to it. Last time I was a serial re-tweeter however this time I had the confidence to post items myself. I found out about a couple of National and International days and posted information on those as well as asking questions, for example suggestions and strategies for new nurses.


Curating the @nursingSUni twitter account also gave me the confidence to start writing my own blog about the transition from student nurse to newly qualified nurse. If you are looking for a new skill or something different to add to your CV I would definitely recommend having a go at curating the @nursingSUni twitter account. I made reference to curating the account in my personal profile when applying for jobs and during my interview and I’m sure it helped to make me stand out. There is lots of support available from staff and students if you need it and it’s a great way to connect with professionals you may not ordinarily get the opportunity to. It’s also a good way to get involved in raising the profile of the School; particularly the pre-registration Nursing programmes.


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