A virtual meeting place for new student nurses @nursingSUni #nsuni

Last week we set up a Facebook group for new students starting on nursing programmes at Salford University in March 15.

We hoped it would be a place where incoming students could go to ‘meet’ each other and maybe ask questions to ease some of the anxiety associated with starting a nursing programme. Included in the group are some current student nurses and lecturers all willing to help and advise where needed. Its going well so far, since setting up the group 10 days ago, we have 85 members all chatting about which field of practice they are joining, where they are travelling from and various other subjects.

What is really good about this, is that our current students are best placed to answer most of the queries and so we must extend our thanks to the student nurses who have volunteered their time and experience to help others:

Gemma @GemSmith89

Emma @EmmaConnollyStN

KellyAnn @Kel1406

Penny @PennyFawthrop

Lucy @LugardCYP 

We’ve only advertised the group on twitter and our pre-existing field of practice Facebook pages but we will be introducing all new students to the professional use of social media during freshers week, so we look forward to meeting new members 🙂

So if you’re about to join us this month on a pre-registration nursing programme, request to join the group and join the conversation 🙂 https://www.facebook.com/groups/356618734540202/

Follow us on Twitter @nursingSUni and search for the hashtag #nsuni

Screen Shot 2015-03-14 at 20.08.30


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