Thinking about Personal Development Planning? chatting Mon 16th Feb 1.30 #nsuni

Last week, a few students were chatting on twitter about organising personal development records and portfolios. We thought it might be helpful to to have a twitter chat so please join us at 1.30pm Monday 16th Feb using #nsuni

Here at Salford, all student nurses are required to maintain a personal development record and each semester, students are required to formulate three short term goals. We’ll be discussing how to manage your PDP and make it work for you.

Student CYP nurse Lucy is curating @nursingSUni this week, so Lucy will be hosting the chat with lecturer support. We hope you will join us to discuss the following:

a) How to identify areas for development

b) SMART goals

c) What counts as Level 4,5,6 evidence?

d) How to organise your PDP

e) How to make it work for you

Hope you will join us 🙂

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