The start of my journey #hellomynameisamiee by @amieemhxx

The start of my journey #hellomynameisamiee

I am at the very start of my Salford nursing journey and I am excited to start the next chapter of my life. I am making a massive career change which is both terrifying and hugely exciting. I am leaving a secure, stable job where I have some lovely colleagues to venture into the unknown………..and I can’t wait. Becoming a nurse was always in my life plan. It’s just taken me a little longer than most to get to this point. I don’t regret the career choices I have made as they have helped me to grow as a person and of course I have gained life experience. I have developed life skills which I believe will help me to become a good nurse. I am thankful that I am being given a second chance to pursue my ambition.

I want to care for people and help make people feel better. Nursing is where I belong and I finally feel content. I know that this is not going to be an easy process. I am going to have to study hard and work hard, but that doesn’t bother me. It feels a little bit frightening but I prepared to make sacrifices to be the best nurse that I can be. I am not just making this life change for myself, I am also doing it for my children. I want them to have a good work ethic. They will learn this from me and my partner and the only way we can set a good example is to be enjoy what we do and be passionate about it.

I feel like I already know where my interests lie as a nurse. I am extremely passionate about oncology and the majority of my voluntary work has been based in a hospice. I can’t explain why I feel drawn to this area. Perhaps it’s because I have seen first-hand what cancer can do to a person. But all I know is I want to use my own experiences to help care for others and I want to ensure that patients have a positive experience whilst in my care. Although I feel that this is where I belong now, I am completely open minded and I am fully aware that my interests may change as I progress through the programme.

I was always going to study at Salford. Purely because I know qualified nurses who have studied here and all of them only have good things to say about their experiences. I also know of other mums who have studied and qualified through Salford and all of them have had positive experiences. I have needed this reassurance. I am hugely determined but the reassurance I have gained from seeing other mums study and qualify has been immense.

I am literally counting down the days until my Salford journey starts. I am counting down to induction week. I am following some of the current Salford student nurses on Twitter and their focus and drive to succeed is amazing.

I have my stationary ready for the lectures and seminars and I have stocked up on coffee ready for the night shifts. I plan on embracing every new experience and very new opportunity which is given to me. I cannot wait and I am ready to jump on this roller coaster for the next three years.

I am ready to be the best nurse that I can be and I want to save the world and everyone in it.

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