Curating @nursingSUni provided a vital link to university for @soontobenurses

Another week of curating the school account, and as per previous experiences I learnt a lot as well as talked a lot. For me curating the account provided a vital link to university whilst I am on an interrupt. There are however lots of great reasons to take a turn, be it a week or a day. If you do a week and have prior commitments during that week, someone will always take over the reins for that period.

Curating the student account is a fantastic way of communicating with peers to get and give support. Curating the account also offers a floor for healthy debate about topics important to students, this week we looked at the lack of nurses and the reasons behind that, the way in which students interact and how initiatives can be positive or negative. Thank you to @createyourself9 for sparking some particularly interesting ones.

Alongside the followers that you may already have on your personal account you begin to engage with other tweeters that you may not normally, or do not know are out there. A result of this was an invite to spend the day with the lovely @juneinhe.

On the Wednesday I tweeted from the @MHtodaymag conference and as a result was approached to complete a guest blog for the publication.

As well as support from peers there is also invaluable support from lecturers and professionals from the world of twitter. If you are looking to extend your social reach and develop network connections then curating the twitter account is an invaluable tool in doing so. Curating the twitter account is much advised and having students from across branches, as well as academic staff really broadens the horizons of students that follow, as well as staff!

#SoMe is becoming more readily recognised as a CPD tool and also a way to learn about events that are upcoming that may be of use to yourself or that will be of use to others that you can share. Curating the twitter account can also be used to meet a PDP goal for instance if you wish to develop your communication skills.
I would invite all students to have a go and those who are worried should know there will always be someone on hand to offer support, students and staff alike.

As well as students there is definitely something to be said for the contribution of academics to the curation and would be a fabulous experience for them and resource for students across the twitterverse.
I shall of course be back


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