Second time around

Blog on curating @nursingSUni 6/10/2014-12/10/2014 by @PennyFawthrop 

I decided to curate this account for a second time because I was curious to find out whether my growing experience of Tweeting would enable me to engage more, and I chose to do it during an annual leave week in order to dedicate additional time to it.
My initial research resulted in finding several awareness events that were taking place during the week, so I used them as a starting point for my tweets: Rethink were taking part in Schizophrenia Awareness Week culminating on Friday 10th October with World Mental Health Day, which was also focusing on schizophrenia, so I posted fact and fiction information about the illness. To continue with the mental health theme it was Bipolar Awareness Day on Tuesday 7th October. I wanted to promote the inspiring work that hospices carry out on a daily basis during Hospice Care week, which culminated with World Hospice and Palliative Care Day. October was also breast cancer awareness month.
As a new intake of  nursing students here at the University of Salford had recently started using Twitter I posted every day about influential accounts that I think they should follow and explaining why; a lot of Plymouth University students had also begun to follow our account, so I thanked each one personally for doing that. I believe that supporting our peers through the unique demands of a nursing course is important for our success. I also promoted the benefits to students of curating our Twitter account in order to try and find some new curators as volunteers.
There was a student-led conference taking place here about Cultural Competence across the Lifespan that I decided to tweet from to support our March 12 cohort and create awareness of an issue that is crucial to the nursing community. I also tweeted from a study day on living and dying with dementia, a subject that is important to me for personal reasons.
I took part in two Twitter chats this week: a Nursing Times twitchat on Sightsavers in Malawi discussing the work of eye specialists and the challenges that they face; and a WeNurses chat about how to keep nurses happy.
I thoroughly enjoyed curating the account this second time, and I felt a lot more confident participating in Twitter chats and finding topics to focus on during the week. Curating is an outlet to share passion for nursing, and to concentrate on the issues that are important to you but also that may be important to other nursing students who follow the account. If you are new to Twitter, or an experienced tweeter, please consider curating as its fun and you gain so much from it both personally and professionally.



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