Are you looking for a new challenge?

Hi, my name is Lisa (@LisaxDx2072) and I am a 3rd year Children’s nursing student. If you are looking for a new challenge and something a bit different to add to your skill set then curating the @nursingSUni account could just be the thing!

I have used Twitter sporadically for a number of years however, my Twitter use has increased since being at Salford, especially from a more professional perspective. It can be a fantastic information source and an invaluable evidence based learning tool. I admit to being more of a lurker than a tweeter, although I find I am lurking less and tweeting more. I was even ‘Chief Tweeter’ during our Mar12 student led Cultural Competence conference!

I had thought about curating the @nursingSUni account for a while after reading positive feedback from other students however, because of annual leave and so on it took longer than expected.

My week ran from 24th November and I was apprehensive when I first logged on, as I was not sure what to expect. I was even more apprehensive when I saw 16 notifications waiting although the majority were good luck messages and Twitter users favouriting tweets so it wasn’t too bad.

I soon got into the habit of checking the @nursingSUni account on a regular basis, so between lectures, on breaks and so on. I found for me this was an effective strategy rather than checking the account a couple of times a day.

My biggest challenge was the Thursday night @wenurses twitter chat; nimble fingers are definitely required as the tweets come through in quick succession. Overall I managed to keep up and I did really enjoy the experience.

If I were to do anything different next time (if there is a next time!) it would be to have the confidence to post items myself and to reply more often to tweets rather than being a serial retweeter!

I would definitely recommend having a go at curating the @nursingSUni twitter account. Support is available from the whole of the university (staff and students alike) and it feels good to be involved in something that raises the university profile on such a large scale.

As a @nursingSUni twitter curator
You will be an information innovator
Retweeting and favouriting interesting tweets
Responding to comments, new followers to greet
Taking part in Twitter chats
Developing knowledge, increasing the stats
Raising the profile of our great university
And well supported you will be
Until you try it, you cannot comprehend
Why it is something I definitely recommend


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