Curating the @nursingSUni account is such a brilliant and invaluable experience says @EmmaConnollyStN

Hello everybody, Emma here again for my second blog about curating the @nursingSUni account for the second time! You may remember my last blog where I discussed the impact that the BBC Panorama ‘Behind Closed Doors: Elderly Care Exposed’ had on the twitter community, which was back in April / May time. Your probably wondering why I’m back but it’s solely because curating the @nursingSUni account is such a brilliant and invaluable experience and I just couldn’t let it slip through my fingers.

Since May I have built up further twitter confidence so I didn’t feel too nervous about signing in on Monday morning, although you do feel anxious about grammar and the regularity of tweets posted. As a new intake of nursing students are just beginning their course (September 14) I thought I would take this opportunity to offer some handy tips using the #salfordwelcome hashtag. I posted tips on a daily basis such as checking emails and blackboard on a daily basis as well as storing documents in several places. I noticed that these tips were being ‘retweeted’ and ‘liked’ which is brilliant to know that student nurses across the university were reaching out to the twitter community. Feelings from my first day started to overwhelm me as I remembered how nervous and anxious I was, so I hoped that I made some of the September 14 intake feel more at ease.

As the week progressed I noticed that the account started to gain lots of new followers, however a special thanks goes to #PUNC14. #PUNC14 has stemmed from the September 14 intake of student nurses from Plymouth University, driving a brilliant initiative for student nurses to tweet professionally. This created a tremendous buzz on twitter and tweets were non-stop which was brilliant. Tweeting to such a wide audience across the country may sound a little daunting but if you keep focused and up to date it’s really quite satisfying.

Overall, curating the account for the second time round was just as good (if not better) than the first time round. I understood the logistics of the account and felt a little more comfortable when tweeting to a wide audience. The support from our lecturers was also brilliant, you definitely don’t feel isolated which is why you should give it a go! I would definitely like to come back again in my third year, thank you all for a brilliant week.

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