‘an opportunity I could not turn down’ curating @nursingSUni by 1st year Student nurse @PennyFawthrop

First Year student nurse Penny Fawthrop reflects on curating @nursingSUni 

Before I started my nursing degree I had a Twitter account, but I never used it. During fresher’s week being active with Twitter for opportunities, networking and professional development was promoted. By the end of that week I had another account, which I am using specifically for professional and health-related purposes. When I initially volunteered to curate the account it was a mixture of courage and wanting to make the most of my time on the course. It was an opportunity I could not turn down. On the Friday before my curating week reality struck and I began to get nervous about the task I was about to take on.


Monday 9th June – After logging onto Twitter I noticed posts saying that I was curating the account, and there was no going back. Taking a deep breath I sent my first tweet not knowing what the response would be; however, after receiving three favourites and a retweet I began my week. It was the start of Carer’s Week, so I decided to make that my focus especially on what the university was doing to support it. My second module had just started and I wanted to find out other people’s thoughts on health promotion.

Tuesday 10th June – Daily quotes from RCNstudents captured my attention as they described exactly the sort of nurse I aspire to be. Taking part in a WeNurses chat was a first for me. It was on improving dementia care, and I did find it difficult to keep up with the conversation as tweets came in thick and fast. Despite this it was very informative, and motivated me to join in with more of them.

Wednesday 11th June – Today I tweeted from the DeafNest conference, organised and run by our midwifery students. DeafNest primarily focussed on the experiences of deaf pregnant women and their partners, and how we can change our practice to make their experiences better. An event that everyone involved, and the university, should be proud of. It was also the perfect opportunity to ask whether attending events and conferences is beneficial to students.

Thursday 12th June – With a combination of clinical skill classes and an evening in a forest I was unable to tweet as much today.

Friday 13th June – I found out that it was National Blood Week, campaigning for more people to donate blood. Due to this I wanted to find out who is already a blood donor.

Saturday 14th June – As well as being National Blood Donor Day, it was also a day to congratulate our third year children’s and young people’s nursing students as they got their first jobs. I also wanted to find out who was attending RCN Congress next week.

Sunday 15th June – After retweeting about the last day of Carer’s Week and a request for volunteers to run a fruit and vegetable stall on campus, I finally ended my week with a good luck message to next week’s curator.
This was not only my first experience of curating, but also writing my first ever blog. I have really enjoyed this experience and, as a result, learned a lot about Twitter and improved my confidence. Please take the opportunity to curate this account and see what it can do for you.


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