Reflections on curating @nursingSUni by second year student mental health nurse @caffeinurse

Second year student mental health nurse Katie Sutton reflects on her week curating @nursingSUni

I was really excited to have the opportunity to curate the Nursing at Salford Twitter account for a week last month. I’ve been using Twitter since 2008 to keep in touch with friends, and using it as part of my nursing education since shortly after I started my degree just over a year ago.

The excitement turned into nerves the first time I logged on but they quickly dissipated – those following the account were very friendly and welcoming of a new curator, and in the end I actually felt quite disappointed that I didn’t have much time to spend on Twitter during the week: I was on a clinical placement, and therefore mostly unable to tweet between 9-5 for five days of the week I was curator!

I did pop on during my lunch break each day, and thanks to a lengthy commute, I had plenty of time to tweet away whilst travelling, and then over the weekend I was able to engage some more. I was also wonderfully supported by @levylass during the week, who made sure there was activity whilst I wasn’t able to use Twitter, but I did feel like I missed out somewhat being away from my phone and laptop for almost 40 hours!

One thing I would say for future curators is that whilst I wouldn’t recommend against curating whilst in clinical practice – because it could be so interesting for the account’s followers to see what students and HCPs are getting up to (without breaking confidentiality rules and the NMC Code, of course) – but I would suggest that before doing a week of curation on placement, it might be a good idea to choose a week when you’re less busy!

There were plenty of good parts to curating the account for me, though – I was able to participate in some really wonderful discussions, and saw tweets from accounts that I didn’t follow personally (although I did end up following some of them as a result) and it was amazing to be able to put ideas and discussion topics out there, and see people engaging with things I was saying – the account is much higher profile than mine was, and I got a lot of interaction from people, which was a real confidence booster.

I would really like to curate the account again in future, perhaps at a time when I’m less busy, though!

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