@LDstudentnurse on curating @nursingSUni

Last week, Laura volunteered to curate @nursingSUni. Laura is a student nurse at Salford University, studying Learning Disability Nursing and Social Work. This was a first for us as Laura is the first LD/SW student to curate for us. She did a great job, bringing different perspectives to the account. Here is Laura’s account of her week: 

I was contacted by Anna (@soontobenurses) on facebook who asked if she could pass my details on to a prospective student to answer some questions about the LD nursing course. I said that I was happy to oblige and she asked me if I knew of any students on my course who wanted to curate the nursing twitter account as well and I jumped at the chance!

Monday 5th May I logged into the account and I wasn’t sure what to expect, I have my own twitter account but only use it sporadically for uni related information and articles. None of the people I usually enjoy following ie: disability rights groups, autism groups and LD nursing groups were on the follow list so I set about adding them. I started off introducing myself and then retweeted some interesting posts for the followers. I told my cohort that I was curating and asked them to get involved with tweeting me and sending interesting links. I also told my lecturers that I was curating and if they would mind me tweeting some bits about the lectures which they said was fine. I really enjoyed my first day and the supportive retweets and comments I was getting.

Tuesday 6th May I woke up to 16 notifications! I made sure I responded to all the questions and retweeted some of the comments, I was feeling more confident and asked some questions to get further responses and others involved. I added some newspaper websites to the follow list and got 6 follows in return. I continued tweeting through the day, this was becoming addictive!

Wednesday 7th May I got more involved commenting on others’ tweets, I had some interesting conversations with other students and nurses. One of the other students in my cohort said she was also interested in curating so I put her in touch with Wendy so that she could have a go too. I enjoyed tweeting what I had learnt in lectures and even took a couple of slide photos.

Thursday 8th May I found myself becoming more and more addicted to twitter, I continued retweeting things I found interesting and chatting to others and was rather enjoying my sudden popularity!

Friday 9th May I was at work and so it was harder to tweet but my boss was supportive so I still managed to find time. It was the nursing standards awards in the evening and I enjoyed everyone’s photos and all the information coming through about this, very inspirational.

Saturday 10th May There was lots of information about it being mental health awareness week next week so I decided to retweet some of this, this is very close to my heart as myself and a number of my friends have been affected by a variety of different mental health problems so I like to raise awareness and reduce stigma when I can.

Sunday 11th May It was my last day, I was sad to be giving it up, particularly as I was at work and my phone died and I felt like I missed half the day (why didn’t I bring my charger!?) I have learnt a lot this week though through reading so many articles and talking to so many different people and I really enjoyed myself. I even signed up to curate @weLDnurses for a week too! Will definitely be tweeting more in future, a useful learning tool.

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