@EmmaConnollyStN talks about her week curating @nursingSUni

Soon after hearing the news that Salford university nursing students had a dedicated Twitter page, I was itching to get involved. I created a Twitter account within the first month of starting on my nursing programme and from then I have developed a wealth of knowledge from fellow student nurses as well as nurse lecturers at the university. I was originally scheduled to curate the account in June, however @wlasinclair was searching for volunteer’s so I thought to myself why not?

As can be expected, I was a little worried when I first logged into the account as I was tweeting to over 1300 followers. I was worried about little things such as punctuation, would anybody respond to my tweets and even my spelling, but I soon conquered all of my fears. After the first few tweets I was getting the hang of it as luckily I had already made a list of ‘Possible Tweet’s such as ‘How To Beat First Day Placement Nerves’ which made me feel a little more at ease. I enabled the account on all of my devices including my desktop, laptop, I-pad and mobile phone to ensure that I could receive notifications and updates at all times. Before curating the account I had already learnt so much from my personal twitter account but the fast pace and regular updates on the nursing account was unbelievable, it was brilliant.

Monday 28th April – At 07:00 ‘Emma’ was in charge, with the help of @wlasinclair of course! I was just starting to familiarise myself with what was happening within the world of Twitter such as weekly Twitter chat’s and different awareness campaigns such as ‘AllergyAwarenessWeek’. As I am currently undertaking two optional modules I tried to prioritise my time however most of the time I would find myself having a quick peek on Twitter.

Tuesday 29th April – This was the day I participated in @NurChat Twitter chat regarding preceptorships and the role transition from being a student nurse to registered nurse. The chat was really interesting as I was able to tweet on behalf of the nursing account as well as adding some personal perspective. Furthermore I was also able to download a CPD certificate to add into my portfolio which is something that I would never have considered before.

Wednesday 30th April – After watching the BBC Panorama ‘Behind Closed Doors: Elderly Care Exposed’ the Twitter account became enthralled with emotion. Many healthcare professional’s discussed how and why abuse such as this is still happening within today’s society with a large discussion about implementing the 6c’s. As I have recently became a caremaker, the 6c’s is something that is very important to me, which is why this programme touched on personal feelings as well as professional concerns.

Thursday 1st May – Thursday nights are @WeNurses chat nights and this week’s chat was regarding ovarian cancer. The subject of ovarian cancer is something that I haven’t developed much knowledge of however after participating in this chat my knowledge has definitely improved as video links and assessment tools were shared. In addition Thursday was the day of the ‘Student Nursing Times Award’ with several of our nurse lecturers and students attending the event, with two nominations from our university. Even though the two nominees’ didn’t receive an award on this day, they are definitely superstars at our university!

Friday 2nd May – Friday was a pretty quiet day on Twitter but I tried to share as many useful resources as I could one of which being the Dementia Facebook App. For those of you who are yet to use this app I would strongly recommend using it whenever you can grab a minute. Becoming a dementia friend towards the end of last year has increased my knowledge about dementia however this app is really useful to provide a short insight into living with dementia.

Saturday 3rd May / Sunday 4th May – Both of these days were mainly taken up by assignment writing and preparing for professional practice. I tried to re-tweet tweets where possible and engaged with fellow student nurses whilst also wrapping up my week and thanking my fellow supportive tutors!


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