Student CYP Nurse @_Amelia_19 talks about curating @nursingSUni

In my First year of my nursing degree I decided to set up a professional twitter account, I used this solely for reading other peoples tweets and keeping up to date with nursing news and information. Although I enjoyed and benefited from reading other nurses and students tweets I didn’t think of my own tweets as being of interest to anybody, I felt as though I had lots to learn from others but in turn did not have much to offer anyone else from my tweets. As I progressed through my first year ( and subsequently grew in confidence) I started to tweet more and starting re-tweeting key bits of information that I came across never really thinking of anybody reading what I was writing.

On starting the program I had decided I would become more self-confident take up every opportunity that I could, after training as a dementia friend and being accepted as a Caremaker I decided that curating the student nursing account would be my next challenge and so I volunteered to do so.

When I first logged into the account I felt a huge sense of responsibility and felt nervous but knowing that the lecturers were there to support me throughout the week put me at ease. Writing the first tweet was nerve wrecking, worrying about making spelling and grammatical mistakes and checking it what felt like a million times before finally pressing the ‘Tweet’ button! I am still surprised at how quickly I felt at ease and really started enjoying curating; I think this is down to the continued support from the student, university and nurse community, this fuelled my confidence and soon I couldn’t tear myself away from the account!

When starting to tweet from the @NursingSUni account I decided to create a list of key points I wanted to talk about or gain more information on, I decided to start with top tips for March14 new student nurses as I reflected on how I have changed and developed though one short year. I also felt that with the introduction of social media for nursing to the new students it would be a great way to show how useful it can be and allow people to network within the nurse community.

The other main theme I wanted to cover was international placements as I am personally interested in applying for a placement in Sweden (Something a year ago nervous me would never have dreamed of!), Not only did I receive information from the nurse community but it also prompted conversation between students and I found previous curator @GemSmith89 is also interested in the same placement and so it has allowed us to discuss this more which could result in having an international placement with a fellow CYP student nurse which would be great for peer support in a foreign country.

I found that most of my tweets were led by what was going on generally in the nursing community and found that being able to tweet behind the title of ‘Salford Nursing’ helped me grow in confidence and realise that I too could offer information and interesting tweets to others and should not look at it as a purely ‘reading’ tool.

I feel that this week has shown me how great social media is for finding information, news and resources but most of all I feel that it has helped my confidence grow and can now tweet with confidence as @_amelia_19 and feel like a valued member of the #Nurse community!


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