Abubaker Suleman on bedpans and bandages

A Reflective Account- Abubaker Suleman, Children and Young People’s student nurse

Lights, Camera and Action! This certainly wouldn’t have been my area of comfort dating back to 3 years ago. As a shy individual, I have always liked to keep myself out of the centre of the attention and quietly observe. As a Nurse it is an essential element that you are able to communicate effectively and break out of that shy persona. Although I had been working on this since the start of my Nurses education, it was still something that I felt that I need to work further on. Surprisingly that is when the opportunity to do a TV documentary on Student nurses came along!
At first I thought to myself how on earth will I ever be able to do this?! But then I thought to myself that this is a great opportunity which will help me achieve a lot of the things that I aim to achieve. As a person, I am ambitious about making positive changes, which was one of the reasons for entering the profession. It then crossed my mind that the public do not really have awareness about what it is that student Nurses do, in addition to this I have often heard from non-nursing friends saying that Nursing is easy and anybody can do it. However this is not the case and I wanted to change this perception and took up the opportunity to star in the documentary. Also I thought being a shy person to be in front of the camera will help to boost my confidence and also enhance my communication skills.
The experience overall was fantastic and a lot better than what I had anticipated. I predicted that I may possibly feel overwhelmed by it and not continue. However it felt great being able to prove myself wrong for all the right reasons. It is really good to see that my confidence has increased and I have grown as a person on a both personal and professional level. This fact has been further reinforced by friends and families.
I hope that the documentary proves to be one that helps to change negative perceptions that people may hold and demonstrate how hard Student Nurses work in order to be a compassionate qualified practitioner.


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