Gemma Smith discusses how 6C’s in her week of curating @nursingSUni

Gemma Smith (@GemSmith89) 2nd Year CYP Student Nurse at the University of salford talks about the 6C’s in her week curating on Twitter:

I initially volunteered to co-curate the account on a whim having seen Wendy Sinclair’s (@wlasinclair) ‘recruitment’ tweet; I find myself on my own twitter account a great deal anyway, and figured I could put my well-oiled tweeting fingers to good use! I knew I would gain something from the experience, however I’m happy to say I definitely underestimated how much!
Knowing how important the 6C’s are within nursing; especially after witnessing how many nurses/student nurses discussed them daily on twitter, I wanted to incorporate them into this blog…

Care: This week was March 2014 cohort’s first week of lectures within their first module; I received many enthusiastic tweets from new student nurses eager to start their learning experience and really gaining something from the lectures they were attending –fantastic! I also found myself giving them PDP advice like the students 12 months ahead of me did when I was a ‘newbie’! I found myself tweeting “it’ll all come together eventually & you will begin to love your PDP” – something that I never thought I would’ve said this time last year! What a difference a year makes! I really feel that by having this twitter account, enabling student’s worries and queries to be answered quickly, shows new and current students that Salford University really cares for its students.

Compassion: I found this to be the most popular ‘C’ when I asked the nursing community, and I must say I agree. Every nurse should know and feel that all the 6C’s are important in nursing, however I feel that compassion is one which perhaps embodies another C fabulously; to have compassion do you not need to care? By being compassionate you are perhaps showing you care and thus 2 of the 6 C’s are ‘covered’ so to speak?! Interesting to think about…

Courage: Thursday night saw the @Wenurses twitter chat on person centred care hosted by @FoNScharity – I must say, it took a lot of courage to participate in this!! I thoroughly enjoyed debating the topic with other nurses on behalf of Salford nursing, I found it to be a privilege to essentially represent so many people, and I really learnt a lot from the experience in such a short period of time; mind you, it was very hard to keep up!!

Communication: Obviously twitter is an extremely powerful method of communication – from basically anywhere you can get an internet signal (!) you can access potentially thousands of people, of whom you probably wouldn’t meet or have the means to communicate with before twitter came into your life! I really enjoyed tweeting questions which I thought would benefit the account’s followers (and myself!), and I loved starting conversations with the nurse community about different nursing dilemma’s – the different opinions were fantastic and enabled me to appreciate the topics from other points of view. Friday was the final episode of ‘Student Nurses: Bedpans and Bandages’ and what a fab episode it was – I found my phone lighting up every minute with notifications of people tweeting away about how brilliant the series has been and “when’s the next one?” – I suppose we’ll have to wait and see…!

Competence: Without being competent in tweeting, retweeting and favouriting, I wouldn’t have had this fantastic opportunity!! I think it’s a brilliant idea by @wenurses to provide new tweeters with the twitter basics in ‘Twitterversity’: – every day I came across new nurses/student nurses joining twitter and loved the community spirit of everyone saying “Hi!” and following/retweeting.

Commitment: This one is simple, yet so true: by tweeting about current nursing/medical issues, joining in with twitter chats and commenting on TV programmes relating to nursing, you are showing commitment to the profession you have joined – I only hope that the same enthusiasm and commitment I witnessed within this week continues for the rest of your/their careers.

I really enjoyed my week and would recommend it to anyone! Thank you for having me, and in the words of Arnold Schwarzenegger – “I’ll be back” 🙂


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