“There’s never a quiet day for @nursingSUni” by Michaela Barnard

Last week, CYP Nurse Lecturer Michaela Barnard curated our twitter account. Here are her thoughts:

What a different experience it was curating the @nursingSUni account rather the easy job of breezing in and out of my own @MichaelaBarnard account.  @nursingSUni has about 700 more followers than I do personally and is following many more, so I saw the Twitter nursing world from a different viewpoint; it was an education!  I learnt there’s never a quiet day for @nursingSUni.

Monday 3rd March was NHS Change Day, so as you would expect Twitter was buzzing with excitement about the potential the day would bring. We had a display board for our students’ pledges to start the day rolling on Twitter. Pledges were trending form individuals but also importantly from many organisations and trusts. Alongside this, NHS Expo (3/4th March) was happening here in Manchester and many followers/following kept us in the loop of the exciting innovation and developments. The #Hellomynameis campaign was constantly tagged in tweets, particularly as the Kate Granger awards were launched at NHS Expo on the Tuesday.

On 5th March our very own student midwife Paulina Ewa Sporek @paulolitta @NestDeaf was awarded Student Midwife of the Year by the British Journal of Midwifery Practice.  There was great pride to be tweeting and retweeting about this.  If you don’t know what Deaf Nest is, I would encourage you to look at @NestDeaf and find out about Paulina’s innovative development.

Thursday 6th March continued to be busy and ended that way too with two twitter chats in the evening.  Firstly, @healthacademics discussed ‘facilitating students to use social media safely and responsibly as a learning tool’.  We were joined by health academics and students alike in this lively, fast-paced chat.  There was a focus from many that SoMe can be a key learning tool, guidance is needed and more academics need to be on board.  @nursingSUni went straight into @WeNurses chat on Delirium.  This is completely out of my expertise as a CYP nurse, but I can tell you I broadened my knowledge hugely from definition to understanding symptoms, care, treatment and patients’ experiences.  I won’t be put off anymore by twitter chats that aren’t in my genre.

Friday 7th March took us to another highly anticipated episode of #bedpansandbandages.  I was interviewing prospective pre-registration CYP students in the morning and two candidates discussed the series in their individual interviews!  Episode 4 did not disappoint and twitter was alive with discussion of medicines calculations, the key role of mentors in a student’s learning and the amazing journeys and experiences our students have that lead them to want to be a nurse.

All in all an enjoyable experience, I’ll do it again if you’ll have me.


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