Student Nurse and Senior Lecturer as co-curators of @nursingSUni – a new venture

Last week, Becky Sandiford, a third year student nurse co-curated @nursingSUni with senior lecturer Angela Darvill. Here are their thoughts on their week as curators:

Becky Sandiford, Student Nurse (@rebekahnaomi):

After spending the week co-curating the @nursingSUni twitter account I have been left amazed at the amount of great discussions and nursing support that Twitter has.

Whilst Angela posted some fantastic pictures of nursing in previous years I focused on student nurses and the challenges that we faced. This came about via a couple of @wenurses chats. The first on Tuesday was focused around change, and Salford student nurses came out in force to discuss what they thought about change and how it could be implemented effectively. Although I struggled at times to keep up with the fast pace of the chat (I think it was the largest yet) I was left thinking about how I can make sure I am motivated, adaptable and can welcome change.

The second chat on Thursday night was around supporting students on their first placement. This was filled with thoughts from student nurses, registered nurses and lectures. It was invaluable discussion and one that I wish I had been part of on the commencement on my first placement. Even though I am now I’m my third year I still learnt from what others were saying especially around learning in theory and in practice.

From both discussions a theme emerged: that every single person taking part has passion, enthusiasm and a love for the nursing profession which they are keen to share with others and this is something I feel very proud off. Nursing can be at the centre of bad press, but if there is one thing I have learnt this week it’s that no matter how you feel there is always someone out there to give you a helping hand and support you.

Throughout the week we’ve also been following lecturers and student nurses currently at #euradar. There have been some great tweets and photos coming through showing the work that they are doing.

On Friday night the second episode of #bedpansandbandages was shown and like the first episode it was fantastic, showing a great insight into the lives of student nurses in the UK. There was a massive discussion on twitter leading to it to trend in the UK which is a great achievement. I hope it has shown the nursing profession in a positive light following the large amount of negative press in the media recently. It has made me proud to be able to call myself a student nurse and even prouder to be studying training at The University of Salford.

One of the challenges I have faced in curating this account has been being able to formulate and take part in discussions with only 140 characters. Being able to get a point across in so little words is something that I’ve found difficult but I do feel that after co curating this account my concise writing skills have dramatically improved.

As a 3rd year student CYP nurse I have found curating this account a very enjoyable and valuable experience. I have been able to connect with many different registered nurses and other health care professionals from a varied background. I have enjoyed every minute and really urge other student nurses at Salford to take on the challenge. I think co-curating with my personal tutor Angela has made the experience a better one as it is constant support network along with the other Salford lecturers.

To all my student nurse colleagues; have a go, you’ll enjoy it and there is always support from the nursing lectures.

Angela Darvill, Lecturer (@ALDarvill)

Thank you Becky. Last week was a very busy week as a co curator of the @nursingSUni account. I volunteered for this activity willingly and felt it would help me to learn and develop my tweeting skills and to consider the benefits of this. I like Becky have found it very helpful to do this together and would recommend this to other lecturers and students. Often we used DM to contact each other and past curators were very helpful in this process. 

Before I embarked on this endeavour I felt it would help if I had a theme of the week to guide my tweets. I would like to thank @IanBeesleyphoto and @mediamuseum and @brian_liddy who enabled us to use and access the fabulous collection from the National Archives.

 It also helped with co curating when there were 2 chats on Tuesday evening at the same time and we decided to focus on one each – I did the @nurchat and Becky the @wenurses. We both followed the @wenurses chat on Thursday. I have found the account to be very informative for students and lecturers alike and would encourage anyone to follow and get involved despite the hard work. 


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