Continuing to grow…..

Week 3, 20th January – 26th January 2014

Neil Withnell – @neilwithnell

So, I had the task of following on from Wendy and Moira, two very prolific and passionate tweeters who have done an excellent job of starting off this account and generated enthusiasm and commitment from the outset. This has also been achieved with the full support of the Head of School (Professor Tony Warne) and the encouragement from our students – great collaboration and a positive message that we see the importance of a School twitter account.

I started the week unsure of what to tweet? I had some ideas but wanted to also see what “came in”. The account is a forum for sharing the work of the School, but also a means of support and direction as required.

The week brought a mixture of these things, there was sharing of information, highlights of events and answers and signposting for some queries. We also have our first student to have signed up to curating this account – Emma – thank you and we hope this spurs on other students – there is certainly the interest out there, and we are all here to offer support. We want this to be a School account, and the School is not a school without the students!

I will not go through all the week but you can see a summary of some of the events in the storify – here


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