Our first week on Twitter

This week saw the launch of @nursingSUni on Twitter. It’s the Twitter account that will be managed by myself (@wlasinclair), Moira McLoughlin (@levylass) and Neil Withnell (@neilwithnell) but curated on a weekly basis by staff and students. Our aim is to encourage student nurses to use social media in a professional capacity to share and learn from each other, while enjoying access to the huge resources available to them. We have lots of ideas and projects in the pipeline to develop our use of social media to enhance nurse education at The University of Salford and hope you will join us on this journey! Here is a summary of our first week on Twitter:

Monday 6th Jan 2014

Monday was our first day using this account. We had a few teething problems with the account name, for some reason Twitter didn’t want us to change it! It took until midmorning to fix it but then with the help of @WeNurses tweeting about our new account to their 13,000+ followers, lots of new followers joined us on our journey. We also published the brilliant blog post by @FloNursingtales describing her experience of blogging as a student nurse, you can read it here.

Tuesday 7th Jan 2014

On Tuesday I asked student nurses on Twitter what they would like to see on our blog. Responses included summaries of conferences, roles of nurses in different clinical areas and stories from lecturers of how nurse education has changed. Watch this space….

Wednesday 8th Jan 2014

A quiet day on Twitter, but several requests for information on how to blog and be a curator of @nursingSUni – fantastic!

Thursday 9th Jan 2014

Thursday on Twitter is always @WeNurses day. Each week at 8pm on Twitter #WeNurses chat for an hour about nursing issues, and this week it was Student Night! Student Nurse @FloNursingtales hosted the chat, discussing the expectations of newly qualified nurses. It was fast and furious and clearly a subject that people are passionate about. You can read the summary here. I have experience of hosting a #WeNurses chat along with @Levylass and can confirm it is not an easy task, so well done @FloNursingtales!

Friday 10th Jan 2014

Results day! Friday was results day for many of our students and lots of happy students were tweeting about passing their assessments. A nice way to share success. Salford University student nurse Anna Thompson @soontobenurses shared her news that she had been accepted as a CareMaker (You can learn more about CareMakers here). She joins student nurse @StMHNurseRahs and @PaulaEvans13, and I am reliably informed that there are more applications pending. I’m positive they are all brilliant ambassadors for nursing! Also on Friday, student nurse @EmmaConnolly76 tweeted that she had signed up for 100 happy days, a great way to really think about the things that make us happy.

Saturday 11th Jan 2014

On Saturday, Student Nurse @FloNursingtales tweeted about her concern that some of her peers were considering leaving. This sparked a huge discussion with numerous people offering help, advice and support. It quite literally demonstrated the amount of support available to student nurses on Twitter. A good hashtag to search for on Twitter is #StNUK and if you add this to your tweets about student nursing, it will become visible in a search for that hashtag, helping you to connect. Also on saturday, student nurses @caffeinurse blogged about religion and culture in hospital, you can read it here.

Sunday 12th Jan 2014

On Sunday I received more information about @PioneersIn who are a collective of multidisciplinary healthcare students hoping to make a difference in healthcare through @NHSChangeday. They are looking for students to join them in their pledge to improve healthcare. This looks like a great opportunity to really make a difference, so give them a follow and offer your support.

On Monday 13th Jan 2014 I will be passing on the baton to @levylass who will be this weeks curator. Looking forward to the week ahead… 🙂


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